December 9, 2022
Drop Shotting for Bass

Now’s a great time of the year to go fishing. What else is there better to catch this season than some bass? Any fisherman will tell you that there’s a specific means to catch certain types of fish and for bass, most will suggest that you try to drop shotting. If you are new to fishing, or newly learning how to fish for bass, you might not be familiar with what this is. Don’t fret though as we’ve got a complete rundown on it.

Before we begin going to the details of drop-shotting, let’s first talk about what exactly it is. Simply put, a drop shot is a popular fishing setup. As compared to other rigs, the drop shot is headed by a weighted leader that can cause your bait to sink which is perfect for bass that usually swims in shallow waters.

Once underwater, the rig will try to emulate the natural movement of prey that swims in the wild. As it is a sinking type of rig, it can also be used to catch other fishes like catfish. Though amazing, the drop shot is something that you master once you are a pro already. Here’s everything you need to know to drop-shot a bass.

Pick Your Rig

The most important part of the drop shot is finding the right rig for your setup like a KastKing Crixes Combo. We’re not just talking about any rig though, you should look for rods and lures that are perfect for bass. A drop shot rig for bass should be properly equipped on your rod as bass can be a pretty strong fish. Tying it incorrectly often results in the fish getting away.

A drop shot rig consists of several parts that are all tied to the fishing line. First is the hook which comes with a trailing leader and a weight at the end. For the line, you’d want something with low visibility so that it’s harder to see underwater. Fluorocarbon lines are perfect for drop-shot rigs.

As for the hook, you’ll need to use either a split shot or a drop shot hook between sizes 1-1/O. These types of hooks are usually used for finesse fishing which is what drop shot fishing is all about. Moreover, these hooks offer the best hooking capacity for bass which are very feisty fishes to fight with.

The most important part of the drop shot rig is the weight you add. This is important as, without it, the bait won’t sink the water easily. There are weights that can be easily clipped into the line but there are those that are tied to the bottom of the hook as well. The weights vary from ⅛ to 1/2 oz. The heavier it is, the deeper it will sink.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a complete fishing rig without the bait at the end. If you’re aiming for bass or other fishes in shallow waters, we recommend bait that’s used for finesse fishing. The bait that mimics the movement of minnows and worms is a great complement to drop-shot fishing. There are various baits you can actually use but choose ones that move very often.

Setting Up The Drop Shot

The very first step in setting up the rig is to take your hook and have it tied to your line through the top of the hook eyelet. Keep in mind that you need to put at least a foot of the line or more at the end of the hook. This is where you’ll tie the other parts of the rig so it’s a must that you have a long extra line for better handling.

With the extra line, make a loop and have it go through the bottom of your hook. Hold this resulting line and at the other end of the tag, make a single knot with the loop and have it pass over the front of the hook. These first couple of steps are there to help you create the perfect knot for the other equipment of the rig.

In the knot, all you need to do is equip the weight and then the bait. Make sure that you tie your bait and weight tightly as it is going to go deep into the water. You wouldn’t want to lose your entire rig once a bass bites it. Gently pull on the line first before you drop it in the water

Tips For Making The Perfect Drop

One of the problems that drop shot rigs go through is strong and swift currents. If the current in the water is swift enough, your bait will drop to the bottom and its movement will be very limited there. Subsequently. If the bait is too light, then the current will push the rig too fast.

In cases of a strong current, you need to change your line to something heavier. This will prevent the bait and the weight from being swayed too much.

As a general rule of thumb, it’s a must that you carry several weights with you. This allows you to easily change your rig if it’s sinking too low or if it isn’t sinking low enough. If the bass isn’t biting, then there’s a chance that your rig isn’t too low enough. Do keep in mind that if it hits the bottom, the bait can get clouded by dirt so make sure it stays a few inches above the floor.

When it comes to drop-shot rigs, patience is truly a must. It isn’t about swift movements as you should let the current in the water move the bait for you. Only begin pulling once you feel a nibble at the end of the line.

Hopefully, this article has helped you in some way learn how to bass fish. Every fisherman should master how to make the best of the drop shot rig. It’s the perfect setup for those great bass catches in the lake. It does take practice to make the perfect rig but you’ll eventually master it don’t worry. Once you do, you’ll have a great means to catch bass which is a favorite during this season.