November 29, 2022

Hunting is, more or less, safe activity for those who know the strategic patterns behind it. However, whether you are new or no stranger to it, you should have basic knowledge before stepping out in the field. Weapon handling is an extremely crucial factor in safe and successful hunting expeditions.

Where to point and how to carry your weapons are fundamental skills that one needs to master. Let’s admit, guns, knives, and other weapons we use for hunting are not exactly light as a feather. It holds especially true for enormous weapons like rifles and other heavy guns. Here are ways to carry large guns without injuring yourselves or anyone in your group.

Ready Carry

Also referred to as the two-handed carry, ready carry is a self-explanatory method. Hold your guns diagonally, with its muzzle directed upward. Use both hands to support both ends of your weapon. One hand should allow you to manipulate your muzzle easily. While the other placed nearing the trigger and safety options.

Use this way of carrying to balance the weight of your gun on both hands. It is also the most popular among safety instructors.

Sling Carry

Contrary to handheld weaponry, this method allows your gun to hang its weight on your shoulders. It is an easier way to carry heavy weapons because your arms are not the only supporting agent. Thus, your entire body supports the weight of your gun, balancing it evenly.

Using a sling keeps my Rifle from falling off my shoulder. Place one hand on the sling, the other on the point of contact. While it is not the fastest way to switch to a shooting position, it is a secure carry. This method is most advisable when far from dangerous trails or when simply transporting hunting gear.

Make use of bags and gun cases to hold your weapons and keep them safe until you reach your destination. You can also look into the best concealed carry purse to hold smaller guns or knives. The best part about these purses is that it is both stylish and comfortable to wear. And, you will not have to go through the awkward incidents of having to explain why you have a gun with you to citizens unfamiliar with hunting.

Cradle Carry

Cradle carry is a lot similar to ready carry, as it requires two points of gun contact. It is a comfortable way to carry your firearm because of the weight balance while holding it. Most hunters use this method when their fatigue kicks in.

In this method, you secure the weapon with one hand. The other grips the fore-end as the firearm rests on the inside bend of your elbows.

Hunting does not need to leave your body restless with all that gear you carry around. There are numerous ways to enjoy your sporting habits when practicing proper executions. Take note of the tips mentioned above; as simple as knowing how to carry your weapons properly can save you from intense muscle strain after a long day of hunting.