December 4, 2022

Jon Collins on Choosing the Right Predator Gear

MUSKEGON, Mich. (January 19, 2021) – Tooth and Claw TV with Jon Collins is one of today’s top online predator-hunting shows. Regular viewers watch and learn from Collins as he consistently calls in predators for action-packed episodes time after time.

Collins spends most of the year calling in predators, but he also goes full speed on whitetails throughout the fall, chasing and harvesting mature bucks. When someone spends this much time outdoors, quality equipment is a must. Collins relies on his gear to perform and deliver advantages, whether he’s harvesting big bucks, a pile of coyotes, or any other unlucky predator he calls into range.

“Better gear makes you a better hunter,” the Waynesburg, Kentucky resident says. “Whether you are talking about firearms, ammunition, bipods, calls, or even your clothing, if you’re using good equipment, you are setting yourself up for success,” ads Collins, who pays particular attention to apparel, as proper garments establish the comfort that allows him to hunt longer and more effectively.

Collins says he often gets asked about his favorite weather to call in, adding that many people tend to think single-digit or below-zero temperatures are when coyotes will respond best. Collins believes results can be just as good when the temperature is in the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, but the key to the hunter is remaining comfortable, whatever the conditions. “That is one thing with my choice of clothing,” he says. “I want to be comfortable, when it is cold outside; I want to be warm. And when it is hot outside, I want to stay cool. The more comfortable you are, the more success you are going to have, because you can remain still, make efficient moves when necessary, and ultimately sit longer.”

For effective predator hunting throughout the season in most regions, Collins suggests having a minimum of two or three different sets of clothing, each with a specific purpose. “You obviously don’t want to be wearing the same outerwear when it is 20 degrees versus 80 degrees,” says Collins, who gravitates towards the hardworking hunting-apparel systems offered in the Blocker Outdoors Shield Series. “Blocker has knocked it out of the park on quality and effectiveness in their early-seasonmid-season, and cold-weather late-season clothing,” Collins offers. “These are well-designed pieces with performance fabrics and features that come in a wide variety of camo patterns to match any conditions, and at a price that allows any predator hunter to build a complete apparel system without spending a small fortune.”

Throughout this current hunting season, Collins has become a big fan of the Shield Series Wooltex JacketHooded Parka and Pant from Blocker Outdoors. “I’ve been wearing the Wooltex series since the weather turned cold this season,” he says. “The wool-fleece blend provides amazing warmth, while not feeling too heavy or bulky. These garments are also quiet, with a windproof membrane that blocks the chill, plus an anti-microbial treatment for effective odor prevention.” Collins also praises Wooltex’s pocket designs. “The pockets are perfect for predator hunters,” he says. “They hold my wind checker and extra bullets, and the chest pocket is ideal for holding the remote to my electronic caller. Sometimes I used to get to my hunting spot and get ready to call and not be able to find my remote. It now stays in this chest pocket, so I know where it is at and it remains accessible at all times.”

As for choosing the right clothing for the warmer parts of the season, Collins suggests lighter options from Blocker Outdoors like its Shield Series Silentec, Teratec, Angatec and Fused Cotton apparel. “The Silentec Jacket and Pant are exceptionally versatile with great flexibility, and are surprisingly durable. They hold up great compared to other lightweight clothing I have tried in the past,” Collins says. “I wore my Silentec clothing while predator hunting from May through September and they provide the right amount of warmth during chilly mornings while remaining comfortable when temps heat up throughout the day. Again, their pocket designs are top notch, and if you want or need anything lighter for extreme warm weather, I’d recommend checking out the Shield Series TerratecAngatec, or Fused Cotton series garments. All of these Shield Series garments deliver exceptional performance for the price and become extra versatile when worn with various base layers.”

To become a better hunter, one must always learn. In the realm of gear, that often means taking things that have failed in the past and replacing them something better. That’s how you earn and experience a better success rate. That’s exactly what Jon Collins has done with his apparel, switching to Blocker Outdoors’ Shield Series apparel throughout last year’s deer season and this year’s predator-hunting seasons, and the proof is there for everyone to see on every episode of Tooth and Claw TV.

“Shield Series apparel has been very beneficial in my success as a hunter, upping my game with respect to comfort, concealment and scent control, while remaining durable wear after wear,” Collins says. “After all of the miles and all of the washes… and the abuse of going full speed all the time. The results do not lie.”

Copy by Heath Wood


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