August 15, 2022

Wondering how to carry firewood easily? Sounds like you need the WoodOx Sling

If you’re looking to spend a weekend away camping outdoors as the cold sets in, you’re going to need to know how to build a fire to keep warm. Here’s how to make the chore of carrying firewood easier with the WoodOX Sling – The Ultimate Firewood Carrier.

How to build a log fire

  1. Leave a blanket of ash up to 5cm deep in the grate – this will hold the heat.
  2. Layer your pre-kindling – this can be bunches of newspaper, pine cones or even dried orange peel.
  3. Put a layer or two of kindling (small sticks) on top.
  4. Light your fire in several places.
  5. As it grows, add your logs. Start with small logs in the center first until they catch.
  6. As you add new logs, push the hot burning logs to the center and put larger logs to the edges so they can dry and warm then add them to the blaze.
  7. Enjoy.

How to carry firewood the easy way

Carrying firewood is a burden for almost everyone.

You can either carry it piece by piece inside from the cold outdoors or overload yourself, inevitably dropping one or two pieces on the way then having to dredge back outside to pick them back up.

Carrying firewood is backbreaking and a hassle.

Even if you use a carry-bag to move your firewood inside, your spine is pulled out of alignment as you’re pulled sideways then swing your body as you lug it around with the entire weight on one shoulder.

The sheer act of carrying firewood almost negates the relaxation of having a fire.

But some clever people have reinvented the game.

The creators of the WoodOx sling have made it is easier for you to carry firewood from your woodpile to stove. This design makes other firewood bags obsolete.

How does the WoodOx Sling work?

Instead of using the classic ‘supermarket-style’ bag, the WoodOx Sling uses the principles of a cross-body messenger bag and combined it with a sling which attaches to your arm.

You can use the sling to pile in firewood with your free hand.

This ergonomic design also means most of the weight rests on your hip, keeping your spine straight and upright so you can walk more easily.

The WoodOx Sling even comes with a LED flashlight near the top of the arm sling so you don’t stumble in the dark when your log fire burns out in the evening, but you’re not quite ready to go to bed.

This invention makes it so much easier, more comfortable and safer carrying firewood from your shed or wherever you keep it outdoors and bring it indoors.

It takes the chore out of lighting a fire so you have more time to take pride in lighting a hearty blaze and enjoy the log fire well into the evening, knowing you’ve got a solid stash of firewood nearby.

And if you do need to fetch more – that’s no longer the hassle it once was.

Who makes the WoodOx Sling?

The WoodOx Sling is made right here in America.

It was created by the inventors of the LogOX 3-in-1 Forestry MultiTool, which is now sold in over a dozen specialty stores and sites including The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Amazon and the Tractor Supply Company.

The WoodOx sling makes it it easier for you to carry firewood from your woodpile to stove. This design makes other firewood bags obsolete.


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