December 5, 2022

A Performance-Driven First of its Kind Tri-Spine Micro Diameter Hunting Arrow

SUPERIOR, WI -Introducing the new-for-2020 Carbon Express® Maxima™ Triad™. As the first of its kind to combine Carbon Express’s exclusive Tri-Spine technology in an XSD (Extra Small Diameter) hunting shaft, the new Maxima Triad adapts technology trusted by many of world’s top target archers to deliver unrivaled performance in a .166 (inner diameter) tri-spine hunting arrow. Constructed exclusively to fit the needs of performance-driven bowhunters, this premium hunting shaft is constructed with Carbon Express’s REDZONE™ Technology where the front and rear sections of the arrow are comprised of a stiffer carbon material, while the center maintains a third weaker carbon material for increased recovery out of the bow and ultimate control of dynamic spine. This Patented tri-spine arrow technology creates less than 1/3 the oscillation of single spine arrows and FOUR TIMES THE ACCURACY for easier tuning, unprecedented accuracy and exceptional broadhead flight – now in a micro diameter shaft. The Maxima Triad is the only carbon arrow on the market constructed of industry-leading, ultra-stiff and strong 30-ton carbon. Due to this exclusive construction the Triad recovers significantly faster than traditional single spine arrows to increase accuracy and shot-after-shot repeatability. Extra small diameter construction means thicker walls, more durability, decreased wind drift and exceptional penetration – even on the largest of heavy-boned big game. With +/- .002″ Real Straightness that’s laser tested to a remarkable 1/10,000 of an inch, each package of shafts is a Laser Match Set that are sorted and matched by spine and weight for best-in-class consistency. Spine sorting tolerances of +/- .0025 and weight sorting tolerances of +/- 1.0 grains equal matched set arrows that deliver simple tuning and the utmost in consistency and accuracy.

Premium components include the BullDog™ Nock Collar constructed of aircraft grade aluminum to prevent rear impact damage at the arrows nock distal end, while LaunchPad™ precision nocks maintain a consistently controlled arrow release and integrated shaft alignment to advance accuracy. Further optimizing the Triad’s total arrow performance is an exclusive, 97-grain, two-part in-outsert system that guards the front of the shaft to create extreme front-end durability and exceptional FOC (Front Of Center), while accepting a standard thread configuration for both field points and broadheads.  Available in three arrow size options: 400, 350 and 300 each is purpose built to cover the extreme range of today’s high-performance bows with a wide range of draw length and draw weight configurations.

Size           GPI              Shaft Length               Spine              ID                    OD

400             9.2                     32.0″                      .408″                .166                .240″

350           10.1                     32.0″                      .355″                .166                .246″

300           10.9                     32.0″                      .304″                 .166                .251″

Available as 12-pack shafts:


12-pack bare shafts       $279.99

Carbon Express Maxima Triad arrows are available at the best retailers nationwide or online at

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