December 1, 2022

The popular “Building Whitetails” habitat series from SPYPOINT is back for a second season, kicking things off with the second half of a multi-episode introduction to trapping for land managers that want to make sure predator and furbearer pressure on their game animals is kept under control.

Josh Pretzer returns as the dynamic and knowledgeable host of “Building Whitetails” from his farm in Kansas, giving insights, tips, and educating hunters and land managers about how best to maximize the utility of their land.

“I just love the process of looking at the land, evaluating what the deer are doing, and then doing whatever I can to help them do it easier. That’s the critical factor in all of this. I don’t want to reprogram the deer to do what I want them to do, I want to support what they are doing so I can put that action in my favor,” said Pretzer.

“That’s really what the whole series is all about. Evaluating that cause-and-effect relationship between what we do and how the deer react, workings towards constant improvement of the land and herd health,” he concluded.

The second season of “Building Whitetails” is live now and can be seen monthly, along with all the other great content from SPYPOINT at, or you can subscribe to the playlist at In addition to the monthly episodes, look for another opportunity to interact with Josh during the social media talkback session that will happen in the weeks following each new episode.

“This isn’t about talking at people, we want to talk to our audience. Share ideas, challenges, and victories,” said Trent Marsh, the SPYPOINT Editorial Manager.

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