December 9, 2022
great outdoors

great outdoors

Recent studies have known that time spent outdoors wields great benefits to our mental health, reducing stress, boosting our vitality, and improving our mood. However, bringing a piece of nature indoors also has powerful effects. One recent study found that plants reduce indoor pollution and save energy; another has found that indoor plants can improve one’s work performance. Plants make us more productive and happier and boost our concentration. Of course, there are many additional ways to bring the magic of nature into your home even if you aren’t a natural-born green thumb!

Vertical gardens: Get creative!

Succulents are the ideal plant for those who don’t have too much time for tending to their gardens. A vertical succulent garden is easy to make. At your local greengrocer’s, you will find rectangular plastic trays which are divided into ‘cells’. Pop different colored succulents into the slots. Include a variety of greens, pinks, and purples and once your plastic tray is complete, frame it in wood for a beautiful vintage look and hang your work on the wall. Surround your creation with colorful pots and plants in similar hues. Succulents are a great choice for those wishing to bring sustainability into their home, since they can grow perfectly without fertilizers or other chemicals, and they need very little water to grow abundantly. If your prefer wilder growing plants, you can simply affix a wall planting ‘grid’ to your wall and hang as many pots as you desire. Aim to include a variety of pot shapes and colors for a more creative look. Hanging pots also work beautifully; hang each pot at a different angle for a touch of artistry.

Eco-design features

One of the best ways to bring nature indoors is to seek natural inspirations in your décor. If you are building bespoke furniture, obtain material obtained from sustainably harvested forests or reclaimed wood. Look for the Forest Stewardship Council certification, which shows that a company operates in an environmentally, economically and socially responsible way. When it comes to décor, pick items made from recycled metal and plastic or better yet, make them yourself. Opt for furniture that can be easily repaired, disassembled, and recycled. Items also need to be durable to avoid the need for replacements.

Essential oils

Nature has a plethora of amazing natural fragrances. Introduce them into your home with the help of an oil diffuser. Opt for relaxing essential oils like lavender and orange, or energizing oils like thyme and tangerine. Use therapeutic grade essential oils to ensure you obtain their maximum benefits. Flowers can also add a fresh fragrance to your home. Some of the most fragrant and affordable include jasmine, honeysuckle, rose, and hyacinth. Arrange them in beautiful bouquets and use them as a decorative item or centerpiece.

Nature imagery

If you love being outdoors, capture the most beautiful spots you find through photography. Bring these images into your home by printing them out in an extra-large size. Specialized printing companies can help you turn your photograph into a large wall sticker or wallpaper. Studies have shown that simply looking at nature imagery has a calming effect. One fascinating study showed that when people exercised on a treadmill while looking at nature imagery, they enjoyed their workout more.

We have mentioned just a few ways to bring nature indoors but there are many more. Plants are a great addition to interiors since they can boost indoor air quality. Your Outdoor Furniture Sydney choice is also key; by researching into a company’s sustainability ethos before buying furniture and décor pieces, you can support businesses that care as much about the environment as you do.