November 27, 2022
treasure hunting

There are whole industries built around treasure hunting in America, and American treasure hunters have made some amazing (and lucrative) discoveries. Treasure hunting sounds easy enough: it is the search for hidden or buried treasure, right? However, the practice itself is a bit more complex than that. It demands a lot of time and effort, and professional treasure hunters use specialized treasure hunting equipment to get the job done.  

Here is a comprehensive guide about how treasure hunting works in America, and how you can join other wide-eyed treasure hunters. 

Places to Go Treasure Hunting 

You never know where treasure is buried, especially in a country as large and diverse as America. There may be treasure buried deep in the earth or sunk in the sea. You may also find treasure high in the mountains and in all sorts of places. So, where do you begin? Do you begin in one quadrant and cover the whole of the US? Certainly not – it would be exhausting!

The truth is that you stand better chances of finding treasure in some places more than others. Professional treasure hunters are guided by history. For instance, Captain William Phips, the guy who discovered and salvaged sunken Spanish treasure worth about $12 million in 1643, was guided by historical documents of the ship’s route and movements.   

You will find plenty of guides on the places most likely to hide lost treasure in America. Pick out the most promising leads and do your homework to determine whether or not they are worth pursuing. 

Treasure Hunting Equipment

When you hear of treasure hunting you probably feature a wide-eyed treasure hunter holding a metal detector walking down the beach, right? That happens, but it is mostly a stereotype. Professional treasure hunters use sophisticated equipment that don’t necessarily have to be metal detectors.  

Some of the common treasure hunting equipment and gear include weighted belts and shoes, rubberized suits, helmets, and metal detectors, among others. In some cases, the equipment is custom-made to suit the job as there is no standard way of doing treasure hunting. 

The equipment you will need to do your treasure hunting will depend on the job. If you are diving, you will need equipment that is vastly different from what treasure hunters who go digging the earth use. You should do your homework before embarking on the hunt and buy or make the equipment as needed. 

The Legality of Treasure Hunting 

Would anyone mind if you went hunting for treasure anywhere in America? The truth is that most people wouldn’t glance at you twice. However, there are laws that stipulate and regulate how treasure hunters do their thing in the States. 

Certain treasure and artifacts are protected by the law under laws passed over the past century. For instance, a law set in 1906 stipulates that the Secretary of Agriculture and War has a wide discretion of which artifacts and other items of historical value to protect under law. The law has been evolving since then, and several new laws have been passed to this end. 

So, how do you know whether or not you are breaking a law? To stay safe, it is recommended to talk to a lawyer or professional treasure hunter about your planned treasure hunting move. You should also notify the authorities if you happen to come across treasure to determine whether or not the artifacts are protected under law. 

Notable Figures and Moments in Treasure Hunting 

People have been hunting for treasure for millennia now, and some have made huge and highly lucrative discoveries. Some of the most notable figures in this industry include Captain Martin Bayerle, who found the RMS Republic in 1981. Phillip Masters discovered Queen Anne’s Revenge, Blackbeard’s notable flagship. Other notable treasure hunters are John Mattera, Mel Fisher, Brent Brisben, and Robert F. Marx. You, too, could join the list of notable treasure hunters if you are smart in your hunts. 

To make it big in treasure hunting, you should consider joining up with other like-minded treasure hunters – it takes a set of hands to get deep into the earth’s and sea’s bowels and uncover hidden treasure. In fact, some of the most notable treasure discoveries were made by treasure hunting companies instead of individuals. You should also consider joining a treasure hunting company as this will give you a soft landing. 

Final Word

Treasure hunting is exciting and potentially lucrative, and you should really try it if you are interested. You will need to start somewhere, so familiarize yourself with this guide and read up some more on how to go about hunting for treasure on American soil. Start with the small stuff and work your way up the ladder. Most importantly, however, find other like-minded treasure hunters (preferably ones who are more experienced than you) and embark on your next big adventure.