November 26, 2022
best gun safe

We all have valuables that we want to look after or put away in a safe place. Some of your items may have considerable value, meaning you may decide to use a safety deposit box in a bank or other secure place. Other items may have more sentimental value, like photo albums, so you’ll want to look after them, perhaps in containers safe from fire, water, and any possible sun damage in a safe part of your home.

There are also items that are dangerous and require being out of harm’s way. This could include hunting knives, cooking utensils, swords, or guns. It’s important that such potentially dangerous items are away from untrained hands, whether young or old. By doing so, it’ll help to ensure that no tragic accidents occur. With this in mind, this article looks at 7 ways to keep your gun safe.

Explaining the Dangers

The first thing you should do, regardless of where your guns are housed, is always explain the dangers of mishandling guns to anyone unfamiliar with how to use them. Young children, in particular, should be told they should NEVER touch the guns, under any circumstances.

There’s no harm in showing your guns to them, obviously unloaded, to satisfy their curiosity. It’s during this you can explain why you use them and the potential damage they can cause.

You should never romanticize the use of guns, no matter how much you enjoy shooting. This is because young children will more than likely ignore everything you’ve said about the dangers if they hear you fondly talk about your guns.

Even when it comes to adults, do not be complacent and leave your guns lying around, especially loaded. It takes seconds for accidents to happen and it’s the last thing you’ll want on your conscience or happening in your home or place of work. So always assume the worst and take as many precautions as possible.

Gun Safes

If you have the room, a gun safe would be a worthy investment that would last for a considerable amount of years. This has been the prevalent practice by experienced gun owners based in Australia. The best bit about using them is that you can purchase ones with a combination lock, thereby forgoing the need for carrying a key around. Many people opt to use gun safes in Perth for several reasons. These include security, safety, and protecting them from damage. This gives gun owners peace of mind knowing their firearm is in a safe place.

What’s more, because they are specifically catered to house guns, they’ll be equipped to do so safely. They’ll be more expensive than regular safes simply because they’ve been made for housing guns, like having lining, dividers, or stands inside.

Gun safes tend to be fireproof and attached to the ground. They’re also designed to prevent erosion, with some even having a door seal to prevent moisture from entering them.


If a gun safe is out of your price range, you may want to consider a normal safe. Although it won’t be made specifically for guns, it’ll still be able to keep them safe, which is obviously your responsibility.

The larger the safe, the more expensive it’ll cost. However, if you underestimate the size, you may even spend more buying a larger one sooner than you thought.

It may be an idea to put all the things you want to put into your safe together to give you a rough idea of the size of safe you’ll need. This could include all your optics, firearms and ammunition, as well as anything you may also use alongside your guns, like knives, for instance. Once you’ve got all your items together, you’ll also need to consider the items you’re planning to buy.

As a rule of thumb, once you have the exact size, go up one size. This way, you’ll comfortably have room for your guns and associated equipment, items you intend to buy, and anything else you want to put in your safe too.

Strong Boxes

These are said to provide gun owners with the portability of a gun case, along with the anti-theft and gun-finish protection of a locking gun cabinet. Pricing varies greatly. Consideration for which is also affected by the technology used in the safety system of the box.

This category is not to be dismissed lightly, as strong boxes provide some of the best protection for gun owners that need quick access but don’t want to compromise on safety.

Locking Steel Gun Cabinets

Considered to provide a higher level of security than boxes, locking steel gun cabinets not only have an increased level of storage capacity, but they also have many different types of internal configuration options.

Unlike strong boxes, they’re made of thinner steel for ease of transportation. This makes them more suitable for those living in apartments or higher than ground level because they’re not as heavy as a gun safe.

Gun Cases

These are available at a range of sports outlets. They come in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes. However, the main goal of these types of cases is often not safety but protecting your guns from physical damage.

Although many may have locks, the locks are pointless if the material can be ripped open with, say, a knife. However, these cases will still detract young hands from accessing what’s inside the gun case, which is no bad thing at all and is much better than leaving the gun in a draw that anyone can open.

Trigger Locks

These clamp around the trigger to prevent it from being cocked or manipulated. These items should never be fitted to a loaded gun because of this.

Cable locks will prevent the action of shotguns or rifles from being closed, thus blocking this action and potentially preventing them from firing.

At a very basic level, a normal padlock can be used with many types of gun, but please ensure your gun isn’t loaded when doing anything concerning its trigger to prevent it from firing. All you need to do is slip the lock’s hasp between the back of the trigger and the trigger guard to prevent its natural motion to cause it to fire.

Whatever your reason for having a firearm, it’s your responsibility to ensure they’re looked after and that includes having a secure location for them. You obviously have to consider where you’re living and your finances. However, in respect of the latter, price should be no object when security is in question. This is because it’ll provide you with peace of mind for as long as you have your firearms, which is priceless.