December 9, 2022
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You need to get ready for your grilling season! It is easy to become a grill master. Before using your grill, you need to commit your time to learn. Also, have the correct and right tools. Learn about cleaning, maintenance, and heating of your model. With this, you will master this art of grilling easily, you can also use this guide from Seriously Smoked.

It is important to make a good decision when choosing the best grill model. Make the best choice by comparing the main features for the Coleman Roadtrip vs Weber Q as the best grills before asking for one.

These are the steps to follow before you start grilling:


Preparing your grill before cooking is very important. You can easily do this by seasoning it. The best thing about is that seasoning has nothing to do with the food flavor. This ensures that your grill’s grates are prepped. If your grill is not brand-new, just preheat it and brush it well to remove any dust or debris.

Before using your grill, first spray the grates well and evenly using a high-temperature cooking spray. You can use canola oil to perform this. Then, turn your grill on to a slight medium heat for 15 minutes until canola oil starts to smoke or burns off. That’s perfect. Some grates contain a porcelain enamel that does not require seasoning. Make sure you check your grill to avoid unnecessary effort. Let seasoning work for you by keeping the grill rust and dust at bay.

charcoal grilling tipsFire safety

Keeping a fire extinguisher near the cooking space is very important. Mostly, this will be essential when you are cooking indoors. If you do not have a proper place to keep one outdoors, make sure you keep it inside but nearest to your home entrance.

Fire safety is good at any cost. It ensures the space around or near the grill is safe and clear from any flammable objects. Also, when grilling just check your grate’s grease collection tray. To avoid all sorts of the grease fire, it is advisable to empty a full tray.

tailgating tipsSetting up food

Setting up your food after the grill is ready sounds good. Prepping all your veggies and meats before starting your grill is helpful. Don’t combine this as you cook to avoid boring trends. Make burger patties, slice vegetables and marinate chicken inside as you bring them outside. In most cases, food slides off, this motivates you to have casserole dishes when traveling.

Ensure you bring a clean plate. This will be used to put all finished product on and also clean tongs. Using a utensil to serve or remove cooked meat is not important especially when you have used it with the raw meat. Remember to carry all grilling accessories such as meat thermometer and corn cob holder with you. You might need these accessories to avoid unnecessary messes.

Starting your grill

The process of preheating requires you to follow instructions. Preheating is influenced by the time factor depending on which model you are using. A gas model needs more time than a charcoal grill to preheat.

• Charcoal. A charcoal mode grill may require about 15-25 minutes to preheat. You should know this when you are prepping your meal. Make sure you discard any ashes that are from previous uses. This is if you have used the charcoal to cook before.

Next, open all ventilation located on your grill to allow a proper and maximum flow of air to fan a flame. Start your charcoal model using a chimney starter or some old newspaper. Make sure you check your grill’s manual so that you can discover the best charcoal size for your model.

• Gas. As compared to a charcoal grill, this model is pretty quick. 10 minutes are enough to preheat gas grills. This is will help you to plan your meal well. Remember to raise the grill’s lid when lighting. Your propane tank should be kept open by turning the valve. Then, turn the burner on while pressing on the ignition button of your grill. Now you turn on other burners if you like.


Keep on checking your grease trap. Also, keep on brushing your grill to keep away any sorts of dust and debris. Throughout grill season, pay attention to the propane tank to detect any leaks. Moreover, investing in a proper grill cover will keep your grill safe. Protect the grill when it is not in use.

Apply these steps to become a champion in grilling. There are many grill designs for you to choose from. Make a point to know about heating, maintenance, and cleaning of your model.

All grilling accessories must be available to make this task easier for you. Trust me, everything will be perfect.