December 9, 2022
Big-Game Hunting Facts
Big-Game Hunting Facts

When you’re interested in hunting for big game, it’s difficult to know where to start. It can all be a bit daunting, especially when you’ll be associating with experienced hunters.

To help you out, here are 5 tips suitable for beginners interested in hunting big game.

Think About Convenient Transportation

If you’re getting into hunting, it stands to reason that you enjoy the great outdoors. As such, there are plenty of other activities that you probably partake in which take you here and there. Not every spot has access for a vehicle, so it’s useful to have alternative modes of transport available.

Using off road electric bikes for hunting or other activities is becoming more popular due to their convenience and ability to access trails and off-road spots that other forms of transportation cannot reach. Depending on the distance, using an electric bike also preserves your energy for the long day of hunting ahead.

Plan to Spend the Day in the Outdoors

As a basic rule, understand that the longer you’re out in the field, the better chance you’ll have of coming back with something. When you’re unprepared, it’s likely it will either shorten your day or make it less pleasant (like not bringing enough food or beverages to keep you going).

Also, decide what your priorities are for the hunt. This might be to maximise your chances of taking down a deer or to enjoy the social aspects with more experienced hunters. You can learn more sitting around a campfire listening to their stories than you often can by hunting alone.

Certificates and Hunting Licences

Depending on where you wish to go hunting, there’s often a licence required to do so. It might be a requirement to undertake a course to attain a new hunting certificate which proves you’re capable enough to be certified.

Investigate what the hunting requirements are well ahead of going on a planned trip. This prevents you from being unable to go because the appropriate licence hasn’t been approved and arrived yet.

Dress Right for the Weather and Time of Year

Dressing right for hunting isn’t only about wearing matching camo gear; the clothing must be right for the time of year and expected weather conditions.

For instance, if it’s typically windy, then expect the chills to run through your body. Therefore, wear a jacket to block the wind, stay warmer and avoid developing a cold. Checking the weather forecast for the area is very important because it dictates how you should dress.

Also, have enough layers available to adjust to a change in weather conditions and temperature levels while outdoors too. A convenient jacket or hoodie can be a lifesaver when maintaining a static position for several hours and the weather suddenly changes on you.

Make Hunting Suitable for the Family

It may be part of the attraction of hunting big game to eventually do so with your kids. Get proficient first, so you can keep yourself and anyone that accompanies you as safe as possible.

Bear in mind that hunting often involves a lot of waiting around. This can become boring for children that rely on staying continually mentally occupied. Expect that they’ll need to bring their smartphone with them (also include a power bank to charge it up) to ensure they don’t get bored.

Lastly, prepare ahead of time for how you’ll take home a successful catch. Check the local laws to ensure you follow them correctly as a hunter to avoid problems later. Once you get in the swing of it, hunting can be very enjoyable and an activity that members of your family can share with you too.