August 15, 2022
survival skills

5 Basic Military Survival Skills For Hunters

Article Written By; Howard Scalia,
Survival in the nature requires knowledge of techniques of various disciplines (orientation, climbing …) and the ones medium familiar to everyone (botany, meteorology… ) that allow us to develop in nature, recognize and take advantage of natural resources and avoid their dangers. Even if you are going to the woods for professional hiking, if you are lost or if you have a hobby such as hunting, you will have to be familiar with basic skills to survive in wilderness. Here are the top five.

survival skills

Hide and make a shelter

By hiding, we mean that you should camouflage yourself among all the trees and branches for two reasons: animals won’t see you if you are the hunter and animals won’t see you if you are lost in the woods and you can hide. Making a shelter is also important. Use whatever you can find, branches, some mud to glue the branches and try to make it somewhere close to several trees which can be the pivots.

Light a fire

If you already want to light a fire, you need to do it carefully, and that above all, prepare the place. Enough leaves, grass and the like is something that you need. Clean the surface of 1m2, so you can prepare the space with soil only. Put around some rocks which will prevent the wind to withstand flames or sparks in the environment. Stone will act as a “heat reflector” – it radiates the heat even after extinguishing the fire. The hole can be round or square, anyway. To obtain spark, tinder can be used. You can use a piece of steel (knife) and a stone. By simply striking edges, you will get sparks. You need something easily ignited, and the best things would be twigs, dried moss or dry short grass.


Water is the first and most important human need. Without food, a person can resist around 26 days (if water is consumed), but without water only a few days (up to 7). Water constitutes about 70% of our body weight, and we lose it very quickly and very often (urination, sweat, breathing …). If we don’t compensate the loss, we can encounter dehydration, drying out the skin, rapid loss of body weight and in the final stage, death. In the nature, it can be everywhere, but not every source of water is drinkable. Try this method: a simple plastic, shopping bag tied around the bottom of the stem of the plant can help you. In one hour, it can collect about 50 milliliters of water.


Certainly one of the most important things is orientation. Knowing the orientation sometimes can really represent the line between life and death. Place your watch on the palm of your hand, hold it horizontally and rotate so that the small needle directs your pointer to the sun. It is easier to turn your watch if you observe the sun on the glass of your watch, and turn it until the sun direction coincides with a small needle. Then divide the angle between the small needle and the number 12 on the watch and you can get south. When you know one direction, it is easy to determine others and thus determine which way you should go.

survival skills


From about 300 000 species of wild plants, more than a half can be eaten. The quantities of wild plants and animals that can be found are very different. It is strongly recommended not to improvise with mushrooms or other plants, if you are not familiar with the botany. Eat only what you know for sure that is edible. When it comes to hunting, try with birds or smaller animals by making traps. Don’t experiment with animals, perhaps something will not suit your stomach and you want to avoid nausea or sickness.
We must keep in mind that a survival situation is a test of resistance. And in this type of tests, the muscle that should never fail is the will. Will to overcome, will to survive – this is the most important factor. In the end it all boils down to a strong psychological attitude that allows us to confront ourselves without despairing, boredom, pain, hunger, fatigue … If we are not mentally prepared to face the worst, we will have little chance to survive.

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