November 30, 2022

Riddle! Riddle! What is both critical and fun before traveling? Packing. Forgetting one important item would mean you’d feel disappointed and you have to run to the next nearest mall when you reach your destination. Further denting your pockets. If you pack too much, you’ll end up weighed down. Imagine parting with your hard-earned cash for extra luggage at the airport. Dr moving with large bags. That’s why we have to go back to the basics. Yes! You guessed it right. We’re revisiting those packing strategies you love to forget.


  1. Rolling is better than folding

Why? All travel experts – including those backpackers that carry a whole wardrobe on their back – can’t dispute rolling is way better than folding. Can they all be wrong? No! When folding clothes, they get squeezed in the process occupying less space. And that’s not the best news yet – they’re less likely to wrinkle or form creases. That’s why experts prefer rolling.

  1. Write down a packing list

No! We are not accusing you of memory loss. They say that the slightest ink is better than the strongest memory. The same goes for packing. Procrastinators lose here. Are you planning on a vacation? Write down what you’ll need weeks before. Not only will you get ample time to pack but you’ll also have enough time to buy those things that you’ll require in your vacation. Noting down is a guarantee that you won’t forget any items when you’re traveling – unless you forget where the list is.

  1. What is your airline’s luggage policy?

You don’t want nasty surprises at the airport, my friend. It might be tricky finding out how much you’ll need to pay for any extra baggage. Strictly speaking, airlines are not known for integrity in luggage policies. There’s always that hidden charge that you didn’t know. On international flights, we’ve seen airlines permitting at least one bag. However, USA airlines are a little greedy on local trips. They need you to pay for your bag. Sometimes they charge as much as a hundred bucks Do your research well and avoid surprises.

The secret lies at their website. Head over to your airline’s website and check for the luggage policy. You might need to check this before committing your money on a ticket. PRO TIP: Check for reviews of your airline online. Use this trick. Go to Google and type “Why is [your airline]. ‘Wait for the results to load. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a tip worth changing carriers.

  1. Abide by the rules

Ever heard of the 3-1-1 rule? The transport security Authority has a set of standards concerning carry-on luggage- Things like don’t come with a bottle of stuff that we can’t see through. They don‘t like seeing large bottles or deodorants on the security line. Try to bring a large tub of shampoo, and you’ll end up interrogated. Any fluid that you carry onto the plane must be inside a clear zip lock bag. But Why? They say it’s security against gel explosives.

It’s getting more technical than that. The TSA considers gels as fluids too. Peanut butter and lip gloss must be in a clear container too. The only thing that they allow is prescribed drugs. You mean they let drugs, but they have issues with my Mascara? No, you Dummy! I mean pharmaceutical drugs. There’s a full list of what they allow and what they do not permit on their website.

  1. Be wise when settling on your item

Airlines allow one carry-on bag and one personal item with you. The individual item it has to be within given dimensions. (Check your airline’s website for the actual size]. Most male travelers choose to carry their laptop bag while ladies prefer their purses. In most cases, airlines allow eaoh passenger one personal item.

One smart fellow taught me to carry a larger bag instead of a laptop bag. Faithful to his words, a huge carry bag will come in handy when you want those important things within an arm’s reach.

  1. You don’t need all your clothes. You’ll wash them on the way

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that all towns have at least a decent dry-cleaning premise. If you’re lucky, you’ll stay in a vocational rental that has laundry facilities. You will need fewer bags for fewer clothes. AIRBNB is a good place to find apartments with laundry facilities.

Another thing, hotels to have laundry services. Inquire beforehand to get their prices. Cruises are known to charge a fortune for cleaning services. PRO Tip: If you’re in this lucky list. Don’t be extorted, just carry detergent, and you can do your laundry in the sink. Take a sink stopper (and thank me later). There are even portable hanging lines that you will find online. Go to Amazon and be prepared to be amazed on how many types of mobile hanging lines exist.

  1. Carry garments that serve multiple purposes

Things like pants that changed to shorts. There’s coat for the cold by day and by night its a pillow. Heck, there’s even a jacket that’s also a tent. Is that even important? Of course not. Don’t you agree it’s cool though? Those slippers with lights are definitely worth the grams they add to your luggage.

  1. Put similar things in the same bag

All things in your luggage should be in layers. The TSA advice putting shoes together and electronics together so that they can check them quicker. It also works on your part too. Staying organized saves, you time that you would have spent searching for those items. We all know how hard it is finding that thing that you need at the moment. Be smart and save yourself the hassle. You’re trying to have a good time, aren’t you?

  1. Put all essential items in your carry-on bag

You don’t want to fall on the wrong side of the law. We cannot over-emphasize how important it is keeping your passport, identity card and monies in your carry-on bag. Secondly, your phone and other electronics should be with you on the plane. Not with the luggage- We don’t need to tell you why you should bring your passport with you. Even though this happens actually, travelers have complained of their expensive watch missing after going through the hands of a TSA security agent. We thought you should know this.

  1. Use compression sacs

Packing aids like the compression sac reduce space taken by your clothing significantly. They seal your clothes in vacuumed packets creating one tight bundle. Be prepared for a heavier load.