Coyote Sounds

 Coyote Calls MP3 Predator Hunting Sounds for your electronic mp3 caller.  Take advantage of that ecaller and use sounds from all the others and even some home made sounds that nobody in your area has played before.  Why use something those coyotes already know, try something new and start bringing in those coyotes again.

For details on downloading the sound files, go to main Downloads page and follow information at bottom of page.

 coyote Download: Coyote & Cottontail Distress
(1) Coyote Challenge Barkcoyote Download: (1) Coyote Challenge Bark
 coyote Download: hurtpup2
 coyote Download: Coyote Howling
 coyote Download: chowl2
 coyote Download: Coyote Locator (2)
 coyote Download: coyote group
 coyote Download: coyote bark
Female Coyote Howlingcoyote Download: Female Coyotye Howling
 coyote Download: Lone Coyote Howl (2)
 coyote Download: dthowl
(1) Coyote Challenge Barkcoyote Download: CoyoteChallengeBark
 coyote Download: coyote-turkey
 coyote Download: Coyote Locator (4)
 coyote Download: Coyote Pups Howling
Mity Call Mega Howlercoyote Download: Challenge Howl
 coyote Download: Coyote5
 coyote Download: chowl1
Coyote Howlscoyote Download: Coyote Howls
 coyote Download: wileyonehp
 coyote Download: Coyote Pup
 coyote Download: Coyote Talk
 coyote Download: challenge
 coyote Download: Coyote Pack Howling
 coyote Download: hurtpup
 coyote Download: coyote yips
 coyote Download: lhhchallenge
 coyote Download: challang
 coyote Download: Lone Coyote Howl (1)
 coyote Download: coyote-lone
 coyote Download: Coyote Locator (1)
 coyote Download: coyote yips1
 coyote Download: coyote pack
 coyote Download: lhhowler
 coyote Download: hurtpc1
 coyote Download: Coyote & Turkey Distress
 coyote Download: elkchatterhowl
Lone Coyote Challengecoyote Download: Lone Coyote Challenge
 coyote Download: coyotes-killing-calves
 coyote Download: coyote2
Coyote Pursuitcoyote Download: Coyote Pursuit
 coyote Download: Coyote
 coyote Download: Coyote & Fawn Distress
Canine Distresscoyote Download: Canine Distress
 coyote Download: group2
 coyote Download: dthowl2
 coyote Download: Coyote4
 coyote Download: hurtpup1
Canine Pup Distresscoyote Download: Canine Pup Distress
 coyote Download: wileyoneh
 coyote Download: elkpowerhowl
Coyote Pack Howlscoyote Download: Coyote Pack Howls
 coyote Download: Coyote Locator (3)


  • CRinWP

    Thank you for making these calls available, I just used them to call in a rogue coyote male that killed four of my chickens recently. He regrets that now, I’m sure, or did shortly, until he bled out…

  • setoyoC

    Nice sounds, thanks for making them available.