Bear Sounds for your electronic mp3 caller.  Use for learning bear sounds, hunting for bear or scaring off the neighbor kids.

For details on downloading the sound files, go to main Downloads page and follow information at bottom of page.

Black Bear Sow & Cubbears Download: Black Bear Sow & Cub
Brown Bearbears Download: Brown Bear
 bears Download: grizzlybear
Bear Roaringbears Download: Bear Roaring
 bears Download: grizzly bear sound
Bear Growlsbears Download: Bear Growls
Grizzly Bear Growl 2bears Download: Grizzly Bear Growl 2
Black Bear Cub Distressbears Download: Black Bear Cub Distress
 bears Download: beargrowl
 bears Download: bearcubdistress
 bears Download: bear roar
Bearbears Download: Bear
 bears Download: polar
Black Bear 2bears Download: Black Bear 2
 bears Download: 03babycubsgrunt
 bears Download: mad polar bear
Bear Cub Grunts (2)bears Download: Bear Cub Grunts (2)
Animal Sounds 08-Bearbears Download: animal sounds 08-bear
 bears Download: black bear sound
Bear Grunts (2)bears Download: Bear Grunts (2)
Bear Gruntsbears Download: Bear Grunts
Bear Cub Gruntsbears Download: Bear Cub Grunts
 bears Download: 55bearhuntandgrowl
 bears Download: blackbear
Black Bearbears Download: Black Bear
Grizzly Bear Growl 3bears Download: Grizzly Bear Growl 3
Grizzly Bear Growlbears Download: Grizzly Bear Growl
 bears Download: 54beargrunts
Black Bear Chomping & Snortingbears Download: Black Bear Chomping & Snorting
 bears Download: polar bear sound